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UNN Tower Strengthening

The UNN Strengthening project was a comprehensive effort to enhance the structural integrity of telecommunications towers across multiple locations in Brunei.

Key Details


October 2022 - March 2023


Various locations across Brunei including Bkt Jerudong, Meragang, Bg Dalam, Bukit Ambok, and Rimba Hospital

Project Type

Strengthening and Refurbishment



Project Overview:

The UNN Strengthening project was a comprehensive effort to enhance the structural integrity of telecommunications towers across multiple locations. This project was crucial in ensuring the longevity and safety of the telecommunications infrastructure across Brunei. By strengthening existing structures, we were able to enhance their performance and extend their lifespan, providing a cost-effective solution for our clients.

Detailed Project Activities:

  • Bkt Jerudong 145m Tower: Strengthening work involved installing new supporting plan bracing members on various panels, tightening of bolts & nuts on tower joints, adding missing nuts at anchor bolts, and application of anti-corrosion treatment on rusted U-bolts, mount bolts and rusted antenna supporting frame.

  • Meragang 80m Tower: The tower was strengthened by installing new supporting members on specific panels and the installation of redundant members at 4 main legs.

  • Mumong Exchange 78m Tower:

    Strengthening of Tower Legs by adding new members at bracing members on Panel 2, 8 to 11, and at plan bracing members on Panel 1 & 2; Adding of missing bolts, horizontal members on Panel 13 to 15 and diagonal bracing members on Panel 15 & 16; Replacement of rusted bolts, rusted members at Panel 1 to 12, rusted diagonal bracing members at Panel 4, 5, 10, 11 & 15, and rusted horizontal members at Panel 5 and; Antenna relocation and re-erection of Panel 9 Main Leg member.

  • Bg Dalam 45m Tower:

    All 4 tower legs were strengthened by installating new supporting members on Panel 5, 6 & 7. Identified and replaced corroded and short length bolts on tower joint. Application of anti-corrosion treatment after replacement.

  • Bukit Ambok 61m Tower: The project involved the replacement of corroded main leg joint plates and rusted bolts on specific panels, replacement of rusted diagonal members on Panel 18, installation of additional members on panel 4, application of anti-corrosion treatment on the main leg, mount clamps, clamp bolts, and rusted U and V-bolts, and replacement of rusted bolts on various working platforms.

  • UNN Guyed Mast Strengthening Works at Rimba Hospital: The strengthening work involved fabrication and supply of materials as per clients' design, excavation of foundation, installation of 12mm rebar, new anchor plates and guy wires installed, tension test of newly installed guyed wire, and backfill of suitable soil and sand for the new anchor foundation location.

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