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Edotco Malaysia Site Audit, CME & Maintenance

Telnet provides ongoing site survey, report generation, structural analysis, and consultancy services to Edotco Malaysia, contributing to the management and maintenance of their telecommunication infrastructure.

Key Details


January 2021 - Current



Project Type

Site Survey, Report Generation, Structural Analysis and Consultancy Services


Edgepoint Infrastructure Sdn Bhd

Project Overview:

Telnet has been providing a range of services to Edotco Malaysia Sdn since January 2021. These services include site surveys, report generation, structural analysis, and consultancy services.

Key Details:


Completed in February 2023, this project involved structure audits, analysis, design, and strengthening rectification work for 39 structures.


Ongoing since February 2023, this project involves structure audits and analysis for 87 structures.

Site Verification Audit 2022:

Conducted in November 2022, this project involved site verification audits for 822 sites.

Civil, Mechanical & Electrical (CME):

Conducted in December 2022, this project involved CME work for 8 sites.

Site Verification Audit 2023:

Conducted in April 2023, this project involved site verification audits for 74 sites.

Grass Cutting & Housekeeping Maintenance:

This project involves grass cutting and housekeeping maintenance for 61 sites.


These ongoing projects are crucial in managing the lifecycle of telecommunication infrastructure. By conducting thorough audits, structural analysis, and providing consultancy services, we are able to assess the condition of these assets and plan for their future maintenance or upgrade.

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